Shrimp Meal


Shrimp meal is the undecomposed ground dried waste of shrimp. It contains whole shrimps and shrimp parts such as the heads and shells. Shrimp meal is manufactured by sun-drying. The fresh and dried material is steamed before drying for bacterial removal. The dried product is marketed as Shrimp Meal.

Shrimp meal is a good ingredient for fish, shrimps and other crustaceans, Because of its high crude protein content and digestibility. Shrimp meal is used as a pigmentation agent. Chitin contained in shrimp meal is having a growth promoting effect in shrimps. The fat content of whole shrimp meal contains 10% cholesterol, which is beneficial to shrimps as they are not able to synthesize cholesterol.

Parameters Superior Super Prime Standard
Crude Protein 52-55% 50-52% 48-50% 45-48%
Moisture 10% max 10% max 10% max 10% max
Sand Silica 3% max 3% max 4% max 4% max
Ash 25% max 25% max 28% max 30% max

Packing: 50 kg Laminated HDPE Bags or as per the customer request.

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